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Dreams versus dreams realized – the difference is what I consider to be inspired, conscious action.

Every entrepreneur, regardless of what stage in their business and career, has the same fears, concerns and desires. We all have those times when we wake up in the middle of the night fearing an outcome that may or may not be likely. We all have those days, sometimes weeks or months, when we feel we can conquer the world and nothing will ever stop us.

Many business owners dream about the day they successfully sell or transition their business and retire. What business owner doesn’t want that? You will reach that destination in one of two ways – by conscious design or unconscious design. This book will take you on a journey designed to help inspire you to make a decision to create YOUR designed destinations. Let’s get started!


Fueled by a Desire to Help Entrepreneurs

Larry Ganim’s passion for working with the entrepreneur is boundless. He believes that, by helping the business owner, he helps many others as a result. Benefiting the owner also benefits all those who depend on the business to support themselves and their families. A healthy thriving business benefits all. Larry’s passion is evident in every client interaction where honest and direct communication can always be counted on by all involved.

Larry comes from an entrepreneurial family, having worked most of his childhood in his father’s business, before entering in his new profession in 1981 when he became licensed as an insurance broker. He began almost immediately reaching out to those he admired most – local business owners – learning about their passions and needs.

He has spent most of the last 36 years working with the entrepreneurs. Larry founded his own business in 1985, focusing on the entrepreneur and their unique needs as business owners. Larry is the founder and president of Ganim Financial and GFS Wealth Management Advisors, Inc. He is very active in his local community in Connecticut and in his industry, having served in leadership positions on many boards over the years.

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Lawrence J. Ganim
Entrepreneur / Author / Husband / Father / Grandfather
Larry founded his own business in 1985 focused on meeting the unique needs of business owners. He is the founder and president of Ganim Financial and GFS Wealth Management Advisors, Inc.
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