Preface by Larry Ganim

I wanted to write this book to help create clarity for the majority of business owners who are really unsure of how to approach this planning and therefore don’t do it at all.
Or maybe they do so in a haphazard way that does not lead them to the position that a solid Ownership Conversion Plan (OCP) can help create for them.

Over the years, we have evolved a 7-step process to creating and executing a solid OCP plan. I have learned from many sources, including clients, advisors and others in this planning space. To say all of what I will share with you is totally original would be an untruth. I am a student for life and always learning from multiple sources and always open to new ideas and methods of managing an effective OCP in all its forms.

My experience comes from working for more than 30 years with successful entrepreneurs, as well as experiencing my own family’s challenges with this reality along with my own personal experience as a business owner. In all cases, owners eventually face the concerns and opportunities that can be addressed by an effectively created and executed OCP and the clarity it can provide for ongoing decisions associated with managing this very significant yet personal asset that we call our business. I have seen the outcomes and benefits of poor decisions as well as the outcomes and benefits of inspired decisions. The difference is monumental.

In This Book You’ll Discover 7 Steps…

  1. Cement Your Future Vision
  2. The Size of the Pot
  3. Turning Your Business Into a Butterfly
  4. The Empty Chair
  5. Your Personal Hedge
  6. The Intersection: Choosing Your Inside/Outside Sale Option
  7. The Harvest: Reaping Everything Your Efforts Have Achieved

About the Author

Larry Ganim’s passion for working with entrepreneurs is boundless.

He believes that by helping the business owner, he helps many others as a result. Benefiting the owner also benefits all those who depend on the business to support themselves and their families.

A healthy, thriving business benefits all.

Larry’s passion is evident in every client interaction where honest and direct communication can always be counted on by all involved. His stated life mission – “To be a passionate, loving source of empowerment to others” is fulfilled through his work.

Achieving a Future by Design

A Promise that Goes Beyond the Pages of this Book…


To Make a Positive Difference in People’s Lives.

That’s Ganim Financial. Treat others as we would like to be treated and appreciate what we’ve achieved while always pursuing improvement. Since 1985, Larry Ganim and the professionals at Ganim Financial have been providing specialized employee benefits, wealth management, and business succession planning solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Business Succession

For most business owners, the most important decision they make is how and when they exit their business. The better prepared you are and the more foresight you have, the more you benefit.

Employee Benefits

We bring together leading-edge thinking, preferred carrier relationship, best-of-breed products, and more to help meet the needs of your continually evolving workforce.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Complexity and liability concerns are greatly softened with a detailed approach focused on meeting employer responsibilities and better outcomes for their employees’ financial wellness.

Wealth Management

With extensive services for investment management, risk management, and legacy planning, we bring clarity to what you desire while delivering understandable solutions.